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¬† ¬†Hello and welcome! My name is Anna Timmerman, and I’ve been organic farming for 24 years- five of those in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago. Growing lots of good food in small apartment spaces is a challenge, but not impossible!

This site serves as a virtual tour of my personal system of plants and animals working together, as well as a few other clients from around the city who are growing food in small spaces such as rooftops, balconies, basements, and small yards.

I also consult on urban livestock, such as chickens, ducks, quail, rabbits, and bees, as well as worms. I work with Bill Shores as a garden consultant as well, specializing in urban scale vegetable and microgreen production. I occasionally teach classes on topics such as urban wild food foraging and poultry care, which are listed in the Events section.

Thanks for checking my projects out!


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