I offer help with setting up worm compost bins, custom chicken coops, beehives, indoor grow systems, and urban gardens that fit in any amount of space. I also do custom poultry hatching if there is something you are having difficulty finding such as heirloom breeds.

For Sale: heirloom vegetable seedlings (herbs, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, coleus, swiss chard, etc), Pilsen quail eggs ($2.50/doz.), red wiggler compost worms ($10/half pound), worm compost bins ($35), Buff Brahma Bantam Rooster ($15 to good home only), and free compostables (manure) for community gardens. Please contact me with your specific needs, I can usually source urban homesteading supplies on a regular basis.

-My spring plant sale will be Saturday May 26th from noon to 4pm, BBQ/BYOB. Lots of seedlings and started plants available, including rare heirloom vegetables, flowers, and herbs. I’m trying to coordinate with other Pilsen gardeners to get a plant swap organized. Seeds also available.

-The spring Urban Foraging Workshop will be sometime in May, details TBA.

-The Pilsen Garden Tours are usually in July, details TBA.

To schedule consultations or events, feel free to contact me at:



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  1. Nick Drake

    sounds good

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