Talby after eating a giant salad.

Our two rabbits are mostly pets since I don’t want to breach into the whole “is it ok to eat your pet’s babies” thing, but they do fit in with the rest of the operation. Talby and Joey eat the stalks and leaves of older plants that I pull up as well as any weeds that may grow in the garden, and in turn make lots of worm food. My vermicomposting system relies heavily on rabbit poop, which is one of worm’s preferred foods. I guess the rabbits are the primary recyclers of plant material in my system, and the worms second.

Talby is a two year old female Checkered Giant, and weighs about eight pounds. Joey is a two and a half pound Netherland Dwarf. They both live in huge cages, and have access to a “condo” with a digging box, fruit tree branches, cardboard, and wood to chew on, and multiple levels to climb. Rabbits love climbing and digging, which are activities that typical cages don’t really offer. They also need ample room to run, especially Talby. Checkered Giants are one of the largest rabbit breeds, and are very energetic. Both rabbits are free to run in the garden on the deck when there’s not vegetables growing within reach. They also love to dig holes in flower pots and compost bins, which aerates the soil.

Joey is small and adorable. It would be hard to eat his offspring...

Rabbit condo, plenty of room to run.


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